We have been getting questions as we knew we would regarding what our plans are for our guests regarding social distancing and such for COVID. Briefly here are just a few things we will be putting in place.


We will have sanitizing stations spread through out the park and in all porta pots. As well at the front gate area and all porta pots will be being sanitized multiple times a day.


We encourage our guests to do whatever they want to feel safe,whether it be wearing masks, gloves, or whatever they wish.


Social distancing is a suggestion by the CDC,not a law. This rally was created and called the Freedom Rally to promote freedom of choice.

Attending is just that,freedom of choice.

  • We ask if you’re sick please do not attend.

  • If you’re not feeling well or have a temp please do not attend.

  • If you know you’ve been exposed to the virus within 14 days of our event please do not attend.


You all will be required to answer a COVID check list and sign a release when you check in at our gate. See that check-list here: 

See the CDC COVID-19 Travel Recommendations LEVEL 3 by visiting:


We have been in close communication with the county health department and the Algona area and we have the support of the area to hold our event this year. 


We have a very large property that is entirely outdoors. It is up to you our guests to make sure you’re following the guidelines set forth by our governor at the time.


We will do what we need to keep our staff safe. We want everyone to come and enjoy their freedoms but please also respect everyone around you! If you’re scared, please don’t attend. We understand. For everyone else let’s make the 36th Freedom Rally the best yet !!!!


More details to come as we are get them. Thank you all for your support!