Abate of  Iowa Freedom Rally Dates
July 5,6,7 201

The property is located 3 miles East of Algona on Highway 18, then 4.3 miles north on county road P56 or 160th Street.


 VENDOR INFORMATION - Freedom Rally 2018

For more than twenty years ABATE of Iowa has been sponsoring a Freedom Rally. Motorcyclists come from Iowa and nearby states, even as far as Canada and the western states, to visit with friends they have made over the years at the Freedom Rally, while they enjoy such things as live music, a bike show, bike rodeo, hypnotist, and other entertainment.   There are vendors selling a variety of food, as well as motorcycle-related merchandise, and there are also tattoo artists.  ABATE of Iowa sells beer, wine coolers and cigarettes. Attendance at the Rally in 2018 is expected to be at least 10,000.

      In 2018, the 34th Annual Freedom Rally will be held July 5,6 & 7 2018.   While most of our vendors return year after year, we do sometimes have openings available.

What does it cost a vendor to sell at the Rally?  There is a $400.00 non-refundable space rental fee payable at the time a signed contract is submitted by a vendor for review and signature.  In addition, there is a percentage fee based on the vendor’s gross sales made while on the Rally grounds (10% for merchandise vendors, 15% for food vendors and tattoo artists).  The percentage of gross sales payment must be made before leaving the rally grounds at the end of the rally.

      We try to make every effort to provide reasonable space sufficient for the vendor to conduct business. This includes a reasonably sized housing unit (RV, trailer, or tent no longer than 40 feet) and one stationary vehicle. All other vendor vehicles will be parked at no charge in a vendor parking area.  Any space required over 40 X 30 feet is charged at $.25 (twenty-five cents )per square foot.   

Electricity, if requirements are considered reasonable, is provided as part of the contract, as well as water and trash removal.

The number of employees allowed at the Rally as part of the contract is restricted depending on the type of business, and any additional employees must pay the same admission as our guests.  No one under the age of eighteen is allowed at the Rally.

Food vendors must provide as part of their contract, a detailed list with prices of the food they intend to sell so that we can be assured that we are offering our guests a variety of foods. We reserve the right to disallow any food item.  Merchandise vendors must also provide a detailed list of the type of merchandise they sell. 

Contracts will be sent out to vendors in November of 2017 and are to be returned by January 7, 2018.

If you are interested in vending at the 33rd Annual Freedom Rally, please fill out the information on the enclosed sheet and mail the form to the address below or submit it on-line.  Please understand that openings for new vendors are very limited.  If you want to be notified that we were not able to include you as a vendor for 2017, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your form or put a note on your on-line submission.  Otherwise, you will not be contacted unless you are sent a contract.  Return your form as soon as possible.  Please do not forward payment unless you have been sent a contract and are returning it for review and signature.

If you have any questions that this information sheet does not provide, please contact Vendor Coordinator Steve Eggleston 641-858-5001 (vendor@abateiowa.org).

Submit your form on-line or mail it to:  ABATE of Iowa, PO Box 70, Eldora, IA 50627.



Name of Business:
Contact Person (Owner or Manager):
Address (Street or PO Box):
City:   State:   Zip:
Phone#:      Fax#:

E-Mail: Address:

Merchandise or Food Sold (for food items, show prices) If more space needed, attach sheet.

Approximate size of vending space required:    feet wide by: feet deep.

Vendor uses:     

Electricity needed other than standard household current:

If necessary can vendor provide his own generator?  
                                                             Water needed:?  

Past events vendor has sold at:  (if possible, provide name and phone number of someone we can contact for references)


If vendor is not selling food or merchandise and is not a tattoo artist, please describe type of vending space wanted (i.e., product display):